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Since our inception, Alger Rusk Insurance has been focused on building a strategic, quality risk assessment practice.

Alger Rusk Insurance opened its doors in 2012 to its commercial clients.  Our humble beginnings were in the exotic animal and outfitter and guide markets primarily with alligator expeditions in Florida.  Over the years we built out our business and now our clients range from hood cleaning services to ice skating rinks, commercial businesses with general liability needs, and real estate developers, to name a few.


We specialize in property and casualty insurance, life and annuities, as well as group health insurance.  We are also registered with the EXIM Bank for import and export needs.  No market is too big or too small and our insurance markets cover the entire country as well as the world. 

If you have a risk, then give us a call for a consultation.  




Harold L. Alger II

CEO/Managing Partner

Email:  Phone: 317-292-9620


Harold is one of Alger Rusk's managing partners and . Originally from New York state, but now settled in Indiana, Harold has been in the commercial finance sector for many years. In 1995 he opened Seneca Mortgage and ran it successfully for 12 years becoming one of the largest lenders in the state of Indiana. Bringing this experience to the commercial insurance table was a natural fit and progression. As a result, Harold has taken his talents and expanded them with the massive opportunity in assisting clients with their product sales and then insuring them. Rest assured, Harold provides unique outlook and analysis on the insurance market allowing him to better serve his clients over the competition; really, with Harold at your side, your business will succeed. Give Harold a call and get on the path to a better and brighter tomorrow.  Harold Alger's LinkedIN page can be found here:


David Rusk

COO/CFO/Managing Partner

Email: Phone: 317-493-5289


David has been a part of the insurance industry for going on over a decade. Having worked in an insurance General Manager/Field Marketing Organization's back office and having his own private practice, David provides the administrative support for the rest of the team. He maintains his insurance license in several states across the country. Give David a call and you'll get the front and back office perspective on risk assessment in the industry.

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John Chapman

CTO/Licensed Agent

Email: Phone: 317-292-9620


John has been in the IT industry for going on seven years. He has certification in A+ Core Hardware and is an experienced software and hardware designer. Long has his passion been to build computer structures in offices, many times building the actual machines themselves. He is well versed in telephony as well. With John at the helm of the IT department, Alger Rusk Insurance is well positioned technologically. Our software and mainframes are at the cutting edge which allows us to be at the forefront of the industry. Thanks to John, Alger Rusk Insurance is advanced well beyond industry standards. John also has his life and health license and is a font of knowledge working with clients in those areas. John lends a fresh perspective to the industry and Alger Rusk Insurance couldn't be where it without him. He is truly a bedrock on many fronts.

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